TVET Report 2020_ENG

Report on Labour Market (Sectoral Skills) Assessment in Shirak Region of Armenia

On the initiative of the international organization "People in Need", the Business and Education - Partnership Foundation has carried out research in the framework of the "Public-Private Partnerships for Successful Transition from Education to Employment in Shirak Region" ("Transition from Education to Employment") project. The main goal of the research is the identification of the (non)compliance between demand and actual supply at the labour market, particularly in the companies active in textile and agribusiness sectors, as well as related fields (subsectors) in Shirak marz of the Republic of Armenia (RA). The study allows us to see the real picture of the region’s labour market and identify its weaknesses and strengths in the context of a certain professional environment, industrial or sectoral segment. Studying the employment realities of the region gives an understanding of what level of competencies and what kind of specialists need to be trained in VET institutions in order to compensate for the shortage at the labour market of the region and its enterprises. Besides, analysis of the existing gap between the free labour force and available workplaces has identified the relevance for the development of a convergence mechanism reducing the supply and demand imbalance of the labour market and education market. 
The main objectives of the study are as follows: