Country Programme Strategy 2024-2027


We strive for a world in which people can fulfil their potential and live in inclusive, sustainable societies. At the global level, our work supports the development of free and responsible people. We want them to be able to approach information and opinions openly and critically and to shape the world around them positively. We work through the experiences of the people we serve. Together, we address global topics such as climate change, sustainable development, the struggle for freedom and human rights, social inequality, and the position of minority groups. Over the past 30 years, we are proud that PIN has evolved into the largest NGO in Central and Eastern Europe. Today, we provide multisectoral development and humanitarian programming in 24 countries across the globe.  

Our mandate in Armenia is to empower and uplift local communities. We want to strengthen Armenian civil society and support authorities in becoming effective and transparent actors to improve socioeconomic development. Our approach is to respond promptly, effectively and with sufficient scope to emergencies. 

Our mandate emphasises transparency, innovation, and inclusivity as fundamental principles to ensure the creation of a resilient and equitable society in Armenia.  

In our strategy for 2024-2027, we emphasize the importance of localisation as a cornerstone of our values and goals. We aim to tailor our efforts to the specific needs and contexts of the communities we serve. This approach enables us to foster deeper connections, build trust, and empower local stakeholders to drive sustainable change from within.