Overnight at the Legends Trail

Published: May 18, 2021 Reading time: 4 minutes
Overnight at the Legends Trail
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Though the villages of Tatev-Khustup section of the Legends Trail are not indulged in tourism, there are already popular guest houses and B&B where tourists can stay overnight.

Aghvani is the first village on Tatev - Khustup section. There is Margarita's B&B here, which can accommodate up to 6 tourists. If there are more than 6 people in the group, Margarita can help you find other accommodation options in the village.

Tandzaver is the next village on the Tatev - Khustup section. Tandzaver is eco-touristic hub (2 sections of the Legends Trail cross here). You can get here not only from Tatev, but also from the village of Bardzravan. ARK eco-camp is in Tandzaver, too. This camp has 5 double wooden huts, as well as an open area for 7 tents. The camp can accommodate up to 24 people. There is a bathroom, shower, drinking water, as well as an open pavilion for meals and rest. For more information, contact Bagrat Hakobyan.

There is also Knarik's B&B in Tandzaver, which has been operating since 2019 and offers a traditional Armenian menu and accommodation for 6-8 people. The house has a bathroom and a shower.

In the village of Verin Khotanan there is a guest house of the same name, which offers organic food and accommodation for 6-10 people, as well as organizing hiking trips.

In the village of Antarashat you can stay overnight in Roman Harutyunyan’s B&B. This B&B has been operating for 3 years and is very popular with tourists. The B&B can accommodate up to 12 people. There is a large garden in front of the house where you can pitch many tents.

There are no guest houses in the villages of Vanek and Dzorastan yet.

The next village on the trail is Arazhadzor, here is the ARK hostel, which was created on the basis of a traditional country house, where up to 8 tourists can stay. There is also an outdoor area for several tents. In total, it can accommodate up to 18 tourists. ARK Hostel in Arazhadzor accepts only groups of tourists (6 people and more).

More than 12 tents can be placed in a picturesque forest glade 300 meters from Arajadzor, on the way to the village of Shgharshik. There is no spring near the glade, so you can take from the nearby village of Arajadzor.

Shgarshik is the next village on the Legends Trail, where Ashot camp for 12 tents will open in April 2021. As in other camps, there is a bathroom, shower, open kitchen and place for tents.

Bekh is the next village on the Legends Trail. Not far from Bekh there is Alex B&B with three double rooms. There is a large garden in front of the house, where up to 6 tents can be pitched.

Vachagan is the next village on on the Legends Trail. Here you can stay at Khustup B&B, which has 3 bedrooms for 8 people. The guest house has all amenities, including a free transfer from Kapan

Not far from Bagaburj, the next village on the Legends Trail, there is ARK Eco-camp, Kapan, which can accommodate tourist groups up to 16 people (6 people in clay houses, 10 people in tents). The camp has a bathroom, shower, summer kitchen and a pavilion for meals.

On the way up to Khustup summit, it is recommended to set up a camp on the level of 2000 m in the spot called Storot (Navcha). It is an open flat area with majestic views and a source of drinking water nearby.

The owners of the guest houses speak mainly Armenian, some in Russian. If you speak English or another language, we advise you to contact the guides Hayk Melkonyan and David Hakobyan for help. The guides can also help organize tours of the Path of Legends.

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The Legends Trail was created by the European Union and People in Need representative office in Armenia, in the frame of "EU4Tourism: Outdoor adventures on the historic trail in Syunik" project in partnership with ARK Ecological NGO.


  • Eco-camp ARK, Kapan, Arajadzor, e-mail: arkarmenia@gmail.com
  • David Hakobyan - local guide, organizing master classes, tel .: +37493049808
  • Hayk Melkonyan - guide, tel .: +374 77717382
  • B&B Margarita, Agvani, tel .: +374 93194008
  • B&B Knarik, Tandzaver, tel .: +37477246335
  • B&B Verin Hotanan, Anna, tel .: + 374 94 332470
  • Eco-camp ARK, Tandzaver, Bagrat, tel .: +374 77899110
  • B&B Roman Harutyunyan, Antarashat, tel .: + 374 98 009150
  • B&B Alex (Shake), Bekh, tel .: +374 77053552
  • B&B Khustup, Vachagan, Ashot Harutyunyan, tel .: +374 44444407
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