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What is People in Need today began in 1992 when a group of journalists of the Czechoslovak “Velvet Revolution” teamed to form the Epicentrum Foundation, subsequently renamed “People in Need” (PIN). Following the 1988 devastating Spitak earthquake, a group of students in the Prague had already initiated a fundraising campaign, which drew a wide public response. Consequently, 50 tons of humanitarian relief was sent to Armenia. 

In Armenia, empowering people is at the heart of all we do since 2003, when per decision made by PIN a permanent representative office was established in Armenia, which still carries out various projects.

PIN’s work strives to strengthen people’s abilities to improve their lives and the communities they live in. We believe that people who are in need can play an active role in making global development more inclusive and sustainable. We also believe our world can be a better place for people who are suffering from poverty, injustice or inequality. 

Our mission is to support people in such efforts and nourish an environment that enables these changes to happen, through empowering people, saving lives and protecting dignity, ensuring equal opportunities and supporting sustainable living. 


PIN Armenian mission implemented “Prevention of illegal migration for Armenian citizens and implementation of development programs in regions”, which was funded by the Czech Government.


Together with Armenian UN Association PIN Armenia have been implementing the “Reinforcement of management of migratory flows in Armenia” project with the financial support of EU and Czech Government.


PIN Armenia implemented “Let’s talk about films in Southern Caucasus” project.


PIN Armenia and Armenian Relief Society (ARS) in cooperation with State Employment Agency of MLSA and with the financial support of European Union implements “Support of Circular Migration and Re-integration Process in Armenia” project.


With the support of Japan Embassy in Armenia PIN implemented “Home care service for elderly people in Amasia community”. The project aimed to help vulnerable people in Amasia by cleaning the houses, doing the laundry, cutting the wood for winter season, gardening, first aid and etc.


PIN Armenia implemented Reduce, Reuse! Become a friend of nature project in Syunik funded by the British Embassy Yerevan. The project contributes to lasting reductions in single-use plastic consumption in Armenia, through identifying and enabling positive behaviours using an evidence-based behaviour change approach.

Read about our current project in the OUR WORK section. 
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