Celebrating #WHD2023: Our colleagues stand united with our beneficiaries

Published: Aug 19, 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes
Celebrating #WHD2023: Our colleagues stand united with our beneficiaries
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Every year on the 19th of August, the global humanitarian community unites to observe World Humanitarian Day (WHD), an event established by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 2009. WHD is a call to recognise the tireless efforts of humanitarians and to amplify global awareness of the indispensable role humanitarians play worldwide.

At PIN, our core values revolve around advocating for people's fundamental rights, especially in times of disaster. Our origins can be traced all the way back to then Czechoslovakia. There, a small group of journalists felt a need to reduce the suffering caused by the Spitak City earthquake in 1988 and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in 1992. Over three decades, we have dedicated ourselves to assisting people in crisis situations.

In honour of WHD, we engaged in conversations with our humanitarian workers in Armenia, a country where our support remains crucial, and our dedicated team works diligently to address the needs of the local populace.

Alisa, a field worker for over two years, intimately interacts with the people she serves. She reflects upon her journey,

Working in the humanitarian field has deepened my understanding of people's feelings and experiences, allowing me to live through their stories. The demands of this work are beyond imagination. It is a source of pride and excitement to realise that you are responsible for a group of individuals in dire need."

Laura has been working with us for 9 years, with five of those years dedicated to social and humanitarian work.

She emphasises the importance of promptly addressing the needs of vulnerable people within our humanitarian mission. Humanitarian work involves sharing the emotions and thoughts of those facing challenging situations. It's about reassuring them that they are not alone during difficult times in their lives.

Having nearly 15 years of civil society experience, Anush, a project manager, underscores NGOs' vital role in aiding individuals facing fragile circumstances.

These organisations meticulously identify and engage with the most vulnerable individuals, focusing on tailored solutions for specific needs that even government intervention may not reach. Humanitarian assistance arises during crises, underscoring the necessity of nurturing beneficiary empowerment and skill development alongside aid provision. While aid eventually concludes, the importance of empowering beneficiaries remains, allowing them to rebuild their lives with resilience. Anush emphasises that vulnerability arises from circumstances, not inherent traits, highlighting how field workers contribute by directly witnessing needs and adapting assistance for precise impact.

Humanitarian workers are essential in engaging with affected communities and absorbing their stories, awakening them to their emotional challenges. As a humanitarian organisation, we acknowledge the significance of supporting and appreciating these individuals, recognising the importance of their responsibilities. By safeguarding their emotions and dedication, we ensure they remain resilient protectors on the front lines, capable of making a lasting impact.

Autor: Shushanik Nersesyan

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