Hydroponic Fodder Production: a new startup in Verishen

Published: Jun 28, 2023 Reading time: 2 minutes
EU Ambassador and representatives of diplomatic missions visiting Hydroponic
© Photo: Shushanik Nersesyan

"Many communities in the Goris region of Armenia lost pasture lands after the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which resulted in new problems. The locals started to sell or slaughter their cattle, thus losing their only source of income. Reacting to this situation, in cooperation with People in Need, we decided to initiate hydroponic fodder production and help the villagers", - states Ruzanna Torozyan, executive director of "WINNET Goris" Development Foundation. 

Hydroponics is a special technique for growing plants using a water-based nutrient solution rather than soil. Due to this new and innovative initiative, we can solve some problems: it provides high-quality fodder in all seasons, and at the same time, it saves water and soil resources and increases both milk yield and meat yield. It also provides job opportunities for local women.

This green mission targets socially vulnerable families in cooperation with Integrated Social Services. "WINNET Goris" Development Foundation developed training classes for hydroponic fodder production and management for women. As a result, they have established a small farm and can manage that system. Due to this new production, around 40 animals can be provided with fodder daily. This fodder is given to socially vulnerable families in the community, including the production employees who work for two hours a day.

Ruzanna Torozyan states, "this project provides an opportunity to bring new perceptions into the community, as new technologies and innovations are hard accepted by the locals. In addition, we should overcome modern challenges through those technologies."

Hydroponic fodder production in Verishen has been initiated with funding from European Union within People in Need-implemented' Resilient Civil Society' project. This project aims to address the security, social and psychological needs of the most vulnerable groups, focusing on civilians in specific border areas, to mitigate the impacts of the conflict.

Three CSOs - Pahapan, Mission Armenia, and "WINNET Goris" Development Foundation received sub-grants to work with affected vulnerable groups in the border areas of Gegarkunik, Vayots Dzor, and Syunik. 

Autor: Shushanik Nersesyan

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