Call for Participation: Resilient Civil Society

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Call for Participation: Resilient Civil Society
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People in Need (PIN) started in 1992 as a grassroots initiative by a group of Czech war correspondents who wanted to complement their reporting on global conflicts and crises by providing aid to those in need. Our co-founder and current director Simon Panek was a student activist during the Czech Velvet Revolution, and the surge of creative energy, civic mobilization, and social responsibility during that time was the driving force behind who we are today. That’s why we are drawn to like-minded civic actors committed to building their communities and improving the world around them. As one of the largest non-profit organizations in Central and Eastern Europe, in addition to humanitarian aid and development cooperation, PIN works in human rights, education, and social inclusion, both abroad and in the Czech Republic. Operating in over thirty countries, PIN carries out projects that support hundreds of thousands of people suffering from crisis, conflict, exclusion, poverty, persecution, and harassment.

We recognize the diversity of civil society and do not envision everyone following the same path of becoming NGOs similar to us today. On the other hand, we believe we have much to learn from and offer each other.

The PIN is currently implementing a multi-country project “Resilient Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Region” funded by the Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR). The project is aimed to strengthen the role of CSOs as resilient, inclusive, and trusted governance actors advancing the democratization process in the Eastern Partnership region. The project aims to empower CSOs to become more effective protectors of civic space and drivers of democratization, reform, and recovery processes in the Eastern Partnership region. The 24-month action will target at least 20-24 CSOs from Armenia and Moldova.

Within the project, PIN will provide capacity development, financial support, and national and regional networking facilitation and cross-learning opportunities to small formalized CSOs, grassroots organizations as well as new/emerging CSOs (created within the past 1 – 2.5 years) in Armenia. PIN’s primary role is to create conditions for local CSOs to forge their capacity development path via facilitated, participatory sessions and strengthen valuable collaborations among CSOs to drive change, navigate complexity, and stay resilient.

Objectives of the Call for Participation

This call for participation aims to select small formalized CSOs, grassroots organizations as well as new/emerging CSOs (created within the past 1 – 2.5 years) whose mandates align directly with the EU’s priorities outlined in the Multi-annual Indicative Programs (MIPs), which are:

  • Resilient, sustainable, and integrated economies (including through enhanced connectivity, fostering decent work and improved employability, education research and innovation, transitioning towards a low emissions economy, and working on regional development);
  • Accountable institutions, rule of law, and security (reforms in the judiciary and strengthening the capacity of the public administration to better shape and implement key reforms);
  • Environmental protection and climate resilience (not only transitioning to more sustainable practices, such as clean energy and energy efficiency but also to reap the benefits of an expanding green economy);
  • Resilient digital transformation (areas of e-governance, science, technology and innovation, digital skills, ICT, big data, artificial intelligence, advanced engineering, and manufacturing);
  • Resilient, fair, and inclusive societies (supporting evidence-based, responsive, participatory, and inclusive government policies and assisting disadvantaged groups to improve their economic conditions and livelihoods. A special focus will be dedicated to people in vulnerable situations – including those living in remote rural areas, and conflict-affected populations).

And those, who are:

  • focused on influencing social change, advocacy/policy dialogue, serving as bridges between public authorities and community/constituents;
  • able to give examples of previous civic or community actions demonstrating a practical, proactive attitude and an understanding of the challenges of working together for change;
  • interested in mobilizing others to achieve concrete changes and results. Openness to broadening the range of members, partners, and stakeholders engaged;
  • ready to commit time and energy to the development of the organization over the next 18 months, assess own areas of weakness, and motivation to develop their capacities;
  • motivated to build networks and collaborations with CSO colleagues at national and regional levels.

Scope of Activities Envisaged within the Project

Each of the selected CSOs will:

  • self-assess their organizational capabilities using the participatory Organisational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCAT); develop or review Strategy Document (focusing on the main strategic directions for the next 3 years) and Organisational Development Action Plan (DAP), outlining capacity development priorities, key development milestones, timeframes, resources and the persons responsible.

Tentative duration and timeline: 3.5 days in June, July, and/or August 2024

  • receive tailored capacity development activities, including training workshops (7 days), on-the-job consultations (3 days), and peer-learning exchanges (1-1.5 days), in line with each CSO's needs outlined in the previous steps.

Tentative duration and timeline: circa 12 days in September, October 2024, and/or February 2025

  • have the opportunity to apply for financial support for funding of own priorities outlined in Development Action Plans (DAPs).

Tentative timeline: to be launched in October 2024 and span over 10-11 months

  • receive capacity development for collaborative competencies, leadership skills, and participatory democracy practices, including a 2.5-day networking and collaboration event, i.e., collaboration lab.

Tentative duration and timeline: 2.5 days in April and May 2025

  • have the opportunity to apply for financial support for CSO-led joint learning initiatives and advocacy planning.

Tentative timeline: to be launched in May 2025 and span over 5-6 months

  • have the opportunity to participate in an online (1 day) and in-person regional-level CSO networking events (2 days) with CSO colleagues.

Tentative duration and timeline: 3 days in September-October 2024 and October-November 2025

Note: Timelines could be subject to adjustments during implementation to accommodate the evolving needs of CSOs and the country context.

We strongly encourage interested organizations to fill out the attached application form and submit it to along with a minimum of two references.

References may include partners, beneficiaries, or donors if applicable. Applications can be submitted both in English and Armenian.

Evaluation Process

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

clear alignment of their mission and activities with EU priority sectors in Armenia (see the Objectives of the Call for Participation);

clear motivation to build networks and collaborations with other CSO colleagues at both national and regional levels, indicating a desire for collective impact and shared learning;

readiness to commit time and energy to the development of their organization over the next 18 months. This includes a willingness to assess their areas of weakness and motivation to develop their capacities further;

be formally registered entities with a clear focus on influencing social change through advocacy and policy dialogue;

demonstrated commitment to transparency and accountability in their operations, including financial management and reporting;

demonstrated potential for sustainable impact, indicating their ability to maintain and expand their activities beyond the immediate term.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria 

Applications will be evaluated by an evaluation committee by June 28, 2024. Applicants will directly be contacted for further clarification if necessary. Additional interviews with selected CSOs as well as pre-selection interviews will be conducted (when relevant) and references from local actors will be checked.

Note: Applications from private businesses, religious or political organizations, public authorities, or related organizations are not eligible under this call.

Deadline for Submission

Please ensure that your applications (in .pdf format) are submitted by 17:00 on June 13, 2024, to the following email address:, with the subject line indicating “Expression of Interest in the Participation in CSO Development Program”.

Information session

An online information session regarding this call for participation will be held on June 4, 2024 via the following ZOOM link:

Topic։ People in Need-Resilient Civil Society-Info Session

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 844 3778 5429

Passcode: 490775

Please send your questions or requests for clarifications to the following address: by 17:00 of June 11, 2024

Download the Application Form

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

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