TVET Institutions in Shirak Region Receive Professional Assistance within EU funded project

Published: Aug 21, 2020 Reading time: 2 minutes
TVET Institutions in Shirak Region Receive Professional Assistance within EU funded project
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People in Need international NGO with the support of the European Union implements a project aimed at supporting socio-economic development in Shirak region by improving the synergy between Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions and the private sector. For this purpose, TVET institutions’ capacities are being enhanced, new mechanisms for TVET-private sector coordination and work-based learning (WBL) are being established, as well as apprenticeships schemes in short non-formal courses are piloting in the agriculture and textile sectors.

Within the project “Transition from Education to Employment” staff of the Amasia Craftsman State School (ACSS), Maralik Craftsman State School, Artik State College, Shirak State Agricultural College – 4 TVET institutions participated in 6 training courses during 96 academic hours. During the trainings, the participants studied the peculiarities of career orientation and consultation, marketing and communication basis, strategic planning and other topics.

The acquired knowledge and skills will contribute to the enhancement and strengthening of the bridge between TVET institutions and private sector. 

Within the framework of "Transition from Education to Employment" project, in addition to developing content-educational mechanisms, measures are taken to improve public relations, effective communication, branding of institutions, and development of the websites.

The 4 TVET institutions will pilot the innovative approach of the dual system and WBL by modernizing their textile and agribusiness sectorial curricula, introducing WBL component, as well as, by developing and piloting market-based short-term courses for the unemployed. As a result, more than 40 people will find a job easier right after the completion of their apprenticeships, and private companies will gain access to better-skilled workforce. 60 unemployed people will be supported to increase their employability through participation in short term courses with WBL component integrated in the curriculum.

"Transition from Education to Employment" project is implemented by People in Need representative office of Armenia with the support of European Union. Project partners are Amasia Craftsman State School, GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation) and State Employment Agency.


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