The Mets & More Bakery in Metsamor City, established in pursuit of social cohesion, has begun operations

Published: Nov 16, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes
The Mets & More Bakery in Metsamor City, established in pursuit of social cohesion, has begun operations
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People in Need and USAID-supported bakery “Mets & More” in Metsamor has officially opened its doors. The bakery is far beyond just a “brick and mortar” business, it represents the social cohesion between displaced individuals and their host community.

Situated near a converted hotel that shelters individuals affected by the war in NK, “Mets & More” is unique in that it employs displaced and vulnerable families in an effort to create job opportunities and sustainable incomes. Proceeds from the bakery will be used for future development programs within the city of Metsamor.

“Mets & More” offers a great variety of baked goods including breads locally produced and from the Artsakh region: matnakashes, long loaves, baguettes, flower bread, bread made in a tandoor (from Artsakh), zhengyalov hats, terteruk, etc. 

Zarine, who was displaced from the village of Harutyunagomer with her 3 children and is currently employed at the bakery, is ecstatic to keep Zhengyalov hats and Terteruk pastry traditions from Artsakh alive, "Terteruk is a tasty and sweet bread filled with khoreez (a filling made from sugar and butter). It is usually made after making Zhengyalov hats.” 

Anahit, a former Physics teacher from Ukraine and also employed at the bakery, participated in baking courses allowing her to gain skills in fundamental baking and new technology. Anahit is convinced that the secret to tasty bread is making it with love and in a warm working atmosphere. 

People in Need—with funds from USAID has been functioning from 2020 to provide humanitarian aid to different regions in Armenia including distributing essential items to displaced families in Metsamor. Additionally, Mets & More Bakery is an initiated long-term solution for vulnerable people which included the construction of the building, the inception of vocational training courses for the employees, and the development of brand awareness.

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